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Last Dinner with Some Friends
It was such a wonderful evening. One of my friends made a great effort to cook a lot of dishes and invited us to her place. She was quite a great hostess!

I enjoyed every dish she cooked and the most grateful thing is to have thoughtful friends who can carry conversation for everything. Nothing stops us. I will miss them so much. I have no idea if I can survive without them. To me, making friends is such a big job, especially friends who I can disclose my emotional sides, flaws, silly moments, and hopeless dream. I know it takes time to build great friendship anywhere in the new environment. I will definitely miss everyone who I have met here and who have cared for each other.

Time flies very quick. This is my last weekend in San Francisco. And three more days left at work which is another emotional thing to do.

I will cherish my time I have here until my departure.
by forestlily | 2010-01-09 11:27 | Thoughts/Life
Moving Out
*Please accept my apology that I write this down in English (for my record) due to a computer I use currently.

Finally, I completely moved out of my apartment tonight but still can't believe what I was doing and feel like unrealistic to me. It makes me feel like I am living in someone else's life.

Staying at my great friend's place will make my life change a little bit but I definitely will enjoy staying with him until my departure. I am grateful to have wonderful, generous, caring, and thoughtful friends around me who have always supported me throughout my life in the US.

Thank you so much, my friends.
by forestlily | 2010-01-04 21:23 | Thoughts/Life
Last Night at the Apartment




by forestlily | 2010-01-03 14:04 | Thoughts/Life
Happy New Year: Welcome 2010




New Year's Resolution: I will be going where I am needed. That is where I always smile, feel relax, happy, and safe.
by forestlily | 2010-01-01 18:37 | Holiday